Account Setup
for CDL Drivers

Use this application to create Clearinghouse Account for CDL drivers for the purpose of granting consent to employers to run required queries per statute FMCSR 382. This is NOT an application to be used by companies to open Clearinghouse Portal.
To open a company Clearinghouse Portal account visit:

For more information please call the Clearinghouse Assistance Hotline: 240-544-0955 M-F 9 AM-5 PM CST

Driver's Clearinghouse
Registration Application


The CLEARINGHOUSE is a federal database which collects, stores, archives and makes available for federal and state agencies data pertaining to CDL drivers' drug and alcohol test results. It is a centralized system that gives agencies, testing labolatories, state DOTs, state troopers and trucking companies access to a CDL driver's testing data. Employees who hold CDLs must legally consent (agree) to queries requested by their employers.

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